Fake OPI Polish

A lot of website traffic comes to this specific post, at least one (often more) Google search a day. I would like to state I now have 15 bottles of OPI polish (purchased from Ulta, Trade Secret, eBay, and received in MakeupAlley swaps) and no two look the same.
According to OPI Twitter, (@OPI_PRODUCTS) "[There is] no sure way to tell unless bottle content [is] tested, unfortunately."  Each bottle is formulated differently, meaning different colors, consistencies, and contents.  The glass bottle depends on the manufacturing company. The warning labels and green/black labels also vary.  The labels are better explained here: Black Label OPIs.
It's going to be hard to tell just by appearance if it's real or fake. If the consistency is different than the rest, then you may have a fake on your hands (or it's been used and diluted with too much nail thinner.) - The best way to avoid this is to purchase from salons or beauty supplies (no eBay, blog sales, or swaps!)

Feel free to comment below with your input/your experiences.

Today, I received two OPI polishes. Brand New Skates (I ordered it on eBay.) and Black Onyx (Was picked up at State Beauty Supply.) I realized the packaging was completely different. I pulled out my other six polishes, starting examining them and doing research.

I'm not 100% sure what I'm saying below is accurate. Please comment below if you know of a completely accurate link. I just don't want anyone else googling 'fake opi' and freaking out like me! hah.

Guide: How to Identify your OPI Polish, this shows the appearance over the years.

I googled 'fake opi' and these were the first results to pop up:
OPI Lovers? You Should Read This Before you Bid!
How to Tell if an OPI Polish is Fake

Both of these websites are repetitive, like one copied the other. They seem so sure in what they're saying as well. Never did they say it's a theory. (The second link compares two real OPI nail polishes.) I also commented saying I doubted her theory, and she deleted it!  According to the two sites, only 1 of my 8 polishes is real.

OPI Polish Collection Background
(All from Power Sellers with excellent feedback.)
Brand New Skates
Dulce de Leche
Mod About You
Over the Taupe

Local Cheap-O Beauty Shop
Elephanstic Pink

MUA Swap
At Your Quebec & Call

State Beauty Supply
Black Onyx

Trade Secret Salon
My Private Jet

NONE of my OPI polishes are alike on the glass bottom, back, or label.

Warning Labels
Supposedly according to those sites, the polish I just received from State Beauty Supply (Where all salons go and order for their customers!) was a fake, just because it had 3 warning labels instead of 4. I continued on with my research spree... over time, chemicals and ingredients in the polish have changed. So with different chemicals, it's going to mean different hazardous materials, therefore... different warning labels. Why the font is different, I don't know, I guess OPI wanted a change in appearance. There are also some polishes with only 2 warning labels, I don't own any, but they're out there, and completely legit.

Bottle Spacing & Ridges
Glass bottle manufacturer can't be perfect every time. OPI may change the appearance of their bottles over time too.

Different Color Labels on the Bottom
Black labels are an older formula. Green labels are a newer b3f. Explanation here.

Serial Numbers
I don't know about this. None of my polishes have "engraved" serial numbers. Only two have serial numbers stamped on the bottom glass

Help / Add More Info
Help from MUA (makeupalley.com) Boards I posted a thread similar to this, but more in a freaking out, questioning manner. lol. All of these replies helped me and I thought they should be recognized.

I am not trying to put down or make fun of the two top blogs in any way. Again, when you google 'fake opi' these are the first two things to pop up! I don't believe their information is accurate. MUAers agree. Do you?

I know many of you are bigger polish lovers and polish obsessed than I am; If you have any information you want to correct or add, please let me know. I will add it in and link it to your blog.

The consistency in all 8 of these polishes are the same. I don't know why I doubted them being fake. Don't believe everything on google! Chances are, your OPI polish is real no matter where it came from or how different in appearance they are.

Are your OPI polishes different in appearance?

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July Favorites

 "Favorites" posts/videos discuss the products (and other misc things) you loved for that month. The products can either be purchased that month or (old) "rediscovered" items. Favorites are published at the end of the current month or at the beginning of the following month."

Most of my money has been going to school related things lately. Also, I spent a lot on the UK-US Swap last month, and I've been using all of those cosmetics. So really, I didn't buy a lot of new cosmetics this month.

1.) My White Walls

If you're following me on Twitter, you know I took down my picture wall. One entire wall in my room was covered with pictures, it was about three layers deep too, I was constantly covering up people I didn't like at the time. lol. Or years changed, events changed too. This is only about 2.5 years of pictures. (I did this once before too in junior high, but took it down and started over.) I've done a lot of de-cluttering in my room on the other walls too. I can actually see the white walls now!

2.) Coach Poppy Pop C Groovy Bag
This is my first Coach purse. The bright colors are great for the summer; it's a good size, too.

3.) Stella by Stella McCartney
I purchased this in September, got tired of it, and fell in love with it again. It's such a clean, fresh scent. I keep a rollerball in my purse too.

4.) Eyeko Cream
This is my favorite thing I got in the UK Swap! It's a multi-purpose really light shimmer.

5.) MAC Lip Conditioner
This is my second time purchasing it. The first tube must have fallen out of my purse. I can't find it anywhere! :/ (It was only half-used, I more upset I can't B2M it.) It has a vanilla milkshake scent. It's pretty moisturizing.

6.) Smackers Lip Frosting - Birthday Cake
I think this is my third tube (I never repurchase things unless I love them.) It smells like you're rubbing birthday cake all over your lips. It has a sheer light pink pretty color too. This tube is pretty old, I rediscovered it this month! hah.

7.) OPI at Your Quebec and Call
I've been going back and forth between this metallic dark green and my normal nude color.

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