Remington vs. Twistband

Is there a true dupe for the beloved Twistband?

Remington any wear hair & wrist elastics 
"The elastics securely hold your hair without pulling.  They're made of stretchy, fashionable elastic that will make your updo look fabulous.  Don’t want to wear it in your hair?  Wear it on your wrist as a bracelet." -

"Elastic bands tug on hair, cause headaches and can leave dents in your hair when you take it down. But with the introduction of the Twistband that is all about to change... Twistbands are pony bands and headbands made of elastic trim.  They stretch to support any hairstyle, yet are slim and sleek enough to wear on your wrist when you want to let your hair down." -

I received my first Twistband a year ago in my Birchbox.  But because of my thick hair and tendency to loose and pop hair ties, I just set it aside.  I didn't want to use it, what if I loved it?  Previously $10.00 for three hair elastics (now six elastics) seemed like a lot for as fast as I went through hair ties.  I received another Twistband in May and finally decided to actually see what the hype was about.  I did see a difference... there was no pulling, dents weren't as noticeable, and the quality was a lot better than a standard hair tie.  It seems nearly impossible to break, mind you, I have a thick head of hair.  I only have two Twistbands; they've lasted quite a few months.

About a month ago, many YouTube gurus mentioned they saw Twistband dupes, the Remington any wear hair & wrist elastics, at most drugstores.  Wanting to see the dupes for myself, I searched for awhile but could never find them... after I'd given up, I found the Remington hair elastics at Wal-Mart, a 2 pack for $1.50.  Immediately, I noticed they looked like lower quality Twistbands, but I still purchased two packs.  About a week later, I found the Remington hair elastics at Target, a two-pack for $3.25.  (Now, I'm finding them everywhere mostly at the $3.00 price point.)

The any wear hair ties aren't made of a good quality elastic; it felt like these need to be wrapped around three times to completely hold a ponytail in place.  It would only go around my hair twice. (If you have thin hair, you may have better luck.)  After about 3 days of wear, the Remington hair ties completely lost their appeal - they were so stretched out and didn't look nice on my bathroom counter, much less wearing them as a bracelet:

The Winner: Twistbands  

Unfortunately, they're not true dupes.  The higher price point does mean better qualify.  (Not to mention, Twistbands are pretty simple to make.  Be sure to find high-quality elastic.  You can find handmade dupes on Etsy or eBay, or just make your own.) 

to modern day scrunchies,

August Favorites

"Favorites" posts/videos discuss the products (and other misc things) you loved for that month. The products can either be purchased that month or (old) "rediscovered" items. Favorites are published at the end of the current month or at the beginning of the following month."

Happy September! I don't know about all of you, but I'm very much ready for the fall.
In August, I didn't purchase very many new beauty products but I did find a lot of other odds and ends, mostly school related, that I'm loving.

Beauty Products
Burt's & Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream with Clary Sage
My skin has been looking a little dull lately.  I've been using masks weekly but decided I should probably add a night cream to my skincare routine.  I had multiple coupons at CVS and didn't really know what to purchase, this was an impulse purchase I actually didn't return.  It's like a drink of cold water for your face; I can actually feel this sinking into my skin and working before bed.

L'Oreal Voluminous Full Definition Mascara
MakeupByTiffanyD swore this was a dupe for Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara, I've never tried that mascara so I can't agree or disagree.  However, this is definitely my new favorite drugstore mascara; it really separates and lengths your lashes. 

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
When it comes to most skincare, I've been a high-end snob the past few years.  I've been loving the Neutrogena Night Calming Wipes for a long time now.  I spotted this remover on sale at Target for $4.00 and decided it was worth a try.  This actually works better than my beloved Clinique Take the Day Off Eye Makeup Remover.

OPI Nail Lacquer in German-icure by OPI
I purchased this the day the Germany collection hit stores and it's the only polish I've worn all month.  It's a vampy brownish red with shimmer color, so pretty and perfect for fall!  I hope to purchase a few other colors from this collection.

Aladdin Chill Snack Pack 
Unless my classes get out early, I don't really have a lunch break.  In the past years, I'd usually just throw a few snacks into my backpack and eat those.  The majority of the snacks were ridiculously unhealthy.  I didn't want to carry around a lunchbox and nothing is worse than warm fruit in a Ziploc back.  I found this little invention on sale at Target (under $3.00.) It's a small Tupperware that has a  thin (removable) icepack which snaps into the lid.  It's easy to throw this into your backpack and enjoy cool, crisp fruit in class. (The only con: the Tupperware isn't sweat-proof.)

Baggu reusable bags
I've been eying these bags for awhile.  When my co-worker showed up with one at work I decided it was finally time to purchase them.  (Helpful Hint: look on eBay for out of stock colors and lower prices than Though I don't actually use them at the grocery store, I do use them just to tote random stuff around, mostly to the post office and work.

Sharpie Colored Pens
I was so happy to see an end cap full of colored Sharpie pens at most stores earlier this month. I've used Sharpie black pens for almost three years; they write so smooth.  I did limit myself to just a few colors since I had so many black ones, but I'm so glad Sharpie finally started producing bright colors.

snack packs & Sharpies,

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