October Favorites

"Favorites" posts/videos discuss the products (and other misc things) you loved for that month. The products can either be purchased that month or (old) "rediscovered" items. Favorites are published at the end of the current month or at the beginning of the following month."

I've rediscovered two favorites this month. The first one is Burt's Bees Soothing Lip Balm with Eucalyptus & Menthol. I used an entire tube of this, bought another one (and lost it) so I switched to a few other balms that just weren't cutting it. Mid-October, I picked up another Burt's Bees Soothing. I hope to use this one up completely, as well. It provides immediate relief and leaves a tingling sensation behind - it just feels like it's working!

My other favorite is L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara. I haven't used this mascara in over year; I forgot how much I like it. It's definitely an "oldie but goodie" in my book. I never have any clumps with this mascara and I always get super long, volumized lashes with just a few coats.

oldies but goodies,

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