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Zoya Earth Day

A step towards natural polish.

I have to admit, when it comes to nail polish, all I ever purchase anymore is OPI. It's is mid-priced, high quality, and a never-ending supply of colors. When you find a good brand, it's hard to try out others because you may be let down.

I don't know all the chemicals that go into nail polish, and if I did, I'd probably start thinking twice about painting my nails again.

Zoya polishes are "long wearing, natural formula" polishes. The formula is Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Camphor Free. I had to look all of these up:

Formaldehyde - colorless gas, preservative
USE: embalmers treat corpses
Toluene - colorless flammable liquid obtained from petroleum or coal tar
USE: solvent for gums and lacquers and in high-octane fuels
Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)- plasticizer
USE: adhesives & printing inks
Camphor - white or transparent solid with a strong, aromatic odor
USE: antiseptic, stimulant, and anti-inflammatory ingredient

For Earth Day, Zoya had a recycle promotion. You could get at least 6 polishes for "free" (as long as you paid the $4 processing & shipping fee.) and you send in your empty polishes (any brand but Zoya.)

Zoya polishes are $8 each; basically, with this promotion,  they were half off.  (When's a better time to try out a new brand?) My mom mentioned she wanted her own bottle of the Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover, (mentioned in a previous favorites post) which was another reason for placing my order.

I purchased 6 polishes, (but one was back ordered), Remove Plus Big Flipper, and the Mini Holiday Gift Set.  With every purchase, Zoya also includes "color plates" swatches of new or current collections, that allows you to "try on" the nail color.  (Which is a good idea, I added a few of these to my wishlist.)

(Excuse the sloppy swatches, I'm still waiting on good swatch wheels to get here from China.)  The six polishes I chose were: Raven (not pictured: back ordered, black), Edyta, Luna, Bebe, Blair, and Astra. Zoya has a few hundred shades to choose from, so it was pretty overwhelming especially being a newbie.  Out of these, Edyta is my favorite. It really reminds me of plastic metallic leather.  It depends on the light that hits it too, tt's forest green in one room then in another room it's black with loads of shimmer.

I purchased another Remove Plus Big Flipper for my mom. (Part of her mother's day present, shh.) This is definitely the best nail polish remover I've ever used.  The smell is nice.  The lock-click pump is fabulous.  (How many times have you spilled an entire bottle of nail polish remover?... that's definitely not possible with this bottle.) I almost purchased a refill (32oz) bottle, but I realized I still have 3/4ths of a full bottle; I've been using it for 2 months.

I also purchased the "Mini Holiday Gift Set" (a little odd seeing snowflake packaging this time of year!) I wanted to try out Zoya's base & top coat, the drying drops, and have a travel bottle of nail polish remover. The top and base coat haven't received such great reviews from others, but products work differently for everyone. - We shall see.

I'm pretty impressed with the quality and pigmentation of the polishes (especially since I only paid $4 a bottle.) "Long wearing".. not so much. I had tip fading the second day of wear.

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ecotools Travel Brushes

Save the environment plus space in your cosmetic bag.

When I went on a mini trip in January, I realized I packed extremely light on makeup but had to have a whole separate (heavy) bag just for brushes. Before spring break and a few other trips, I realized travel brushes would be a good investment and better traveling solution.

I did a little research on the "best travel brushes" a lot of people like the MAC mini brushes (limited edition, usually available for the holiday season),and the Shu Uemura Compact brush set (no longer available at Sephora or Shu Uemura, priced around $50?) With either brand, I'd only receive 4-5 brushes for $40-50.

I changed my search to "best CHEAP travel brushes" the winner definitely seemed to be ecotools travel brushes. Nine brushes for $20; I had to give it a try.

I have used these brushes on three trips, I actually used them as my regular everyday brushes for about a month as well.

5 Piece Mineral Brush Set

Mineral Powder
This should be your all-over face brush. (Possibly blush?) I don't wear powder. But I do use this for a highlight brush and it works great.

Eyeshading Brush
This really reminds me of MAC 217, not an identical dupe, obviously. But does get the job done nicely. I mainly use it for crease color and blending, ocasionally highlighting.

Concealer Brush
Again, reminds me of MAC 192, distributes product nicely, blends well.

Baby Kabuki Brush
Because it's so little, it does a lot more time and effort.  If you used this for your all-over face powder/foundation it will take a lot longer than a normal size one.  Luckily, I just use this for bronzer and get rid of harsh lines from blush.

Cosmetic Bag
I wasn't impressed with the bag. It's almost too small just for these 4 brushes. I like to be able to dig around in a big bag and grab the I'm looking for rather than dumping them all out/grabbing one by one until I can find the one I'm after.

6 Piece Eye Brush Set

Large Eye Brush
Picks up product well and distributes evenly. I used this for all-over lid color and then the highlight color, as well.

Angled Crease Brush
I'm really confused by this brush (in fact I ending up selling it on eBay) It's too big to get the crease color placed nicely. (I use the Eyeshading Brush from the other set for crease color instead.)

Petite Eye Shading Brush
This brush is good for your inner corners and to fix mascara and eyeliner mess ups.

Smudge Brush
This is nearly identical to the Petite Eye Shading Brush, in all shape, size, and the brush hairs.  Usually, when I hear smudge brush I think of a sponge, not actual brush hairs.  I couldn't really figure out what to do with this brush (another one sold on eBay.)

Highlighting Brush
This brush has the same shape as the Eyeshading Brush from the other kit. However, it's a little smaller and worse quality.

Travel Case with Mirror
Again, I'm not crazy about the case because it only holds these 5 brushes.  Maybe for on-the-go (keeping this brush set and case in your purse), it's good.  But actually travel, it's annoying to have so many bags/cases for brushes.

"earth friendly beauty"
Save the Planet
Cruelty-Free Hair
Natural & Recycled Materials

Both kits were missing a few brushes that I use every day and still have to bring along the full size, (and I'm searching for travel size ones!):

Angled Blush Brush - The Mineral Brush could work as the blush brush, but I'm a little lazy and don't want to have to hold the brush a certain way to get the same effect as the angled brush.

Angled Brow/Eyeliner Brush - This kit doesn't have any type of eyeliner brush, which I found pretty weird since powder and gel liners are becoming more popular than just pencil liners.

Brow Brushes - This kit isn't very brow-friendly at all, there's not one brush.  I know most of us have untamed, wild brows and need an angled brush, spoolie, and/or eyebrow/eyelash comb.  Maybe I should just find a separate travel brow kit.

Rating Scale 
(NEW! click here)
Product: 4/5
Value: 5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

The main point: The kits (all 9 brushes and 2 cases for only $20) are well worth the value and quality.  Some of the brushes are too similar and/or serve no purpose or not the correct one it is labeled for.  The kits have some room for improvement and there's most likely even better ones out there.  The 5 Piece Mineral Brush Set is definitely worth looking into, the 6 Piece Eye Brush needs a little bit of tweaking by ecotools,

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Three Must-Have Brushes

I honestly do not have an amazing brush collection, like most bloggers and gurus.  I've always stuck to drugstore and ELF brushes.  I've finally realized good brushes really do the work for you.  I thought it was just lies that spoiled gurus and sales assistants sold to you. Some brushes are a little pricey but I'm beginning to see you get what you pay for.

I'm only willing to pay about $25 for a brush (there's plenty of MAC ones I want for $50-$70 each.) Unless you're a makeup artist, I really don't think those are practical prices.  Luckily, there's Sigma that makes dupes of most MAC brushes.

Over the past month (maybe a little more), I've discovered three new brushes that have made a difference.

MAC #217 Tapered Blending Brush $22.50
(Sigma has multiple similar blending brushes at $9 each.)- This has been on my wish list forever, I finally picked it up with some Christmas money. This is my fourth MAC brush; it really should have been my first.  It makes applying crease color so easy.  It's great for blending out all the eyeshadow once your eye color is complete, too.  I have been using the ELF Blending Brush forever, I assumed it was similar enough but I was completely wrong.  I got rid of my ELF brush a few days after I purchased the MAC one.

Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Concealer Brush $9.99
I was on the hunt for a brush to apply Paint Pots and other cream and liquid products.  Obviously, authentic hair brushes are out of the question (massive buildup and bacteria.) So I ended up doing some research.  This brush was the size I wanted, if it could apply creamy concealer it can apply Paint Pots. I was right. No more using my finger or other brushes definitely not made for cream products. I also love the shape of the handle, the curves are exactly were your hand grip goes, it's a lot more comfortable to hold than regular brushes.

Sigma Tapered Highlight F35 $16
A lot of brands don't offer a highlight brush, just because any brush can easily apply loose powder for a highlight.  I used to use a regular face brush but hold it awkwardly to get the right shape/angle for a highlight. After reading this post, I immediately had to purchase it.  It makes applying highlight powders so easy and looks absolutely flawless.

FOTD using all three brushes:

Sonia Kashuk Concealer Brush to apply MAC Chilled on Ice Paint Pot, MAC 217 Brush to apply Bronze Eye shadow in the crease and outer V. Sigma F35 Brush to apply NYX Nude Pearl Pigment. (Also used MAC Lingering Brow Pencil, L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara, & Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Zero.)

Sigma F35 Brush ro apply NYX Nude Pearl Pigment and MAC Well Dressed Blush

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Review: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

I saw these in a magazine ad a few months ago. I thought stick-on nail polish sounded really cool, plus an easy, fast application, mess-free and smell-free. -- wrong.

I picked a box up at Wal*Mart a few weeks ago. I was a little annoyed and shocked at the price - $8.50 My immediate thought was that's a bottle of OPI that will last forever. (Other bloggers have stated they paid as high as $13.) This was just one manicure. Being curious, I still purchased one.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Frock Star

I followed all instructions but the application process was still annoying - I have long, skinny nails. I used 3/4 (length) of each sticker.  But I still had to cut and file down the sides because it completely flooded my nails. - On some nails, it ended up chipping (one ripped) immediately from so much tugging and filing for the perfect fit. Then by that time, the sticker was barely sticky - I ended up using some brush-on nail glue beneath the polish on a few nails to make it stay. - Overall, not worth the time and effort and still looked somewhat chipped. - Only my thumbnail actually looked decent, the sticker was smaller than my nail, so it stretched and fit properly (how instructions say it should.)

I thought this would be easy, fast, nail art. (With skinny nails, wrong, it takes too much effort for the perfect fit.) and great for people who travel or people in the office space - no smell, no mess. again, wrong.  The smell was almost as bad as an original nail polish bottle itself. Plus, it made a mess (paper wise) each sticker has 5 parts - tip, top cover, bottom cover, and the actual sticker itself,  and then the excess polish after you fit it properly. (See below for the mess.)

"Last up to 10 days."  Was another reason why I purchased these.  Most nail polishes only have a flawless look for three days, I thought with an actual sticker there may be hope -  10 days? no way... It already chipped immediately after application.  On the third day of wear, two nails completely peeled off. - Since there was no way to fix those two nails, I just easily peeled the remaining 8 nails off.

I really liked the idea of these, but for skinny nails, it's just not practical. It's not cost effective either. One manicure and then 6 leftover strips, the biggest nail sticker was the size of my toenail. - I would recommend these to people with shorter, wider nails (cut the strips in half and you could have two manicures, plus it will stretch properly and hopefully make a perfect fit.

-no drying time
-glitter was completely smooth (not the flaky kind you get in bottles.)

-too much effort for a perfect fit
-too much chipping and ripping.
-made for larger, wider nails
-messy (paper)
 -last only 3 days

Overall: Stick to nail polish bottles...

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Review: MAC Cham Pale

I know I'm behind, this collection was released on December 26; I'm posting nearly a month later, my apologies. It took awhile to get my hands on most of these, then I wanted to make sure I used them a few times to give a good review.

For whatever reason, there are about six collections out right now. I'm usually not into collections. (Honestly, the last one I remember purchasing multiple items from is To the Beach, this summer.) This one was an exception. After admiring preview posts the entire month of December, I knew I wanted Feline and Dangerous Cuvee, I picked those up the day of release. After reading more reviews, I picked up Chilled on Ice, and after hard searching for the high demand/always sold out 'I get no Kick' (where did that name come from...?) I finally picked it up, too.

Chilled on Ice (Paint Pot)
Swatches were gorgeous, and me being a paint pot lover, I decided to pick this up (not an original "want".) The best way to describe this is Bare Study with gold shimmer.  I have liked wearing this all over the lid with Bronze Eyeshadow in the crease. It's also good for an under-brow highlight.

Good, but if you have Bare Study and you aren't a shimmer/glitter lover, you probably should skip it.

Dangerous Cuvee (Paint Pot)
This was the main thing I knew I wanted from the beginning.  I don't understand why there's not a gray paint pot in the permanent line, anyway.  I have been reaching for this at least every other day.  It's a must have if you're a smokey-eye lover.  Even if you're not into shimmer, you can put a matte eyeshadow over it, it makes a great base.

Great, worth a buy.

Feline (Kohl Power Eye Pencil)
Reviews raved about how this such a great pencil, the blackest black, great staying power. Etc. The first time I used it, I was impressed. The second time, felt/looked like a normal liner. The third time, my eyes starting hurting. The fourth time, the eyeliner completely smeared, by mid-day, I looked like a sweaty mess (a gothic girl, or someone who wears dark smokey eyes to the gym.) Not only that, but my eyes were just burning. Then I realized I never even checked to make sure it's waterline safe, I never found a straight forward answer, so that could have been my problem.

For this to be so talked about and people say they pick up three or four when it is released again, I was majorly disappointed. I already swapped this for another paint pot on (go figure. lol.)

Disappointment. For a better black eyeliner... I would recommend: MAC Technakohl in Graph Black (Twist-up Pencil), MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (Gel), Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 0L (Pencil), or Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero (Pencil.)

I Get no Kick (Eye Kohl)
I really want to know what type of name this/where it came from.  Even the Sales Assistant was confused by the name. lol.  I went to three counters for this, it's always sold out online, I was tempted to ask someone make a customer purchase for me, but a counter finally restocked.

I used to be a huge fan of white eyeliner (inner corner and waterline) then looking back at pictures, I realized it was way to harsh, I needed a nude color... so I picked this up.  I like it, staying power isn't that great. By early afternoon, I noticed major fading.  It does open up your eyes.

Okay.  Other people have recommended Make Up for Ever Aqua Eyes in 23L and Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topez  (I don't own either, so I can't say which is better.) for better staying power.

Overall, Feline & I Get no Kick are way too hyped up.  Dangerous Cuvee is the only thing absolutely a must-have/worth the buy, in my opinion.

A lot of people have been raving about the lip products, specifically the Lip Gelees.  (I can't step away from my chapstick and Viva Glam V) If you're into lip products, they may be worth it.

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Review: MAC Club

MAC Club Eyeshadow has been on my wishlist for awhile now.  Santa left it in my stocking!  I've read reviews and saw tutorials, I knew it was a duo-chrome shade.  But I had no clue there were so many shades to one eyeshadow. I always reach for Silver Ring, I wanted another silver to choose from.

In the pan, it looks like a silver-ish green.  I just put it in my palette, I never swatched it or really tested out the color.  This morning, I put it on with no base (only primer), it went on my lid as a light reddish-brown.  I double checked to make sure I grabbed the right eyeshadow. I already had a little bit of Carbon eyeshadow on, I hate brown and black together but I was too lazy to take off my eyeshadow and start over.

I did more homework on the eyeshadow and it depends all on what color base you use.  The picture below proves that. Most people prefer a green base, I do too.

After about 5 hours of wear, the red-brown shade turned to more of a gray color (closer to the pan shade.)

Overall, I don't love it, I don't hate it.  If you like a versatile color and using different bases to achieve a look, then this is for you.  For neutral lovers and everyday wear, it isn't one of those colors you can just throw on and expect it to look just like it does in the pan.

FOTD: Eyeshadow - MAC Club, Carbon, & Shroom.  Eyeliner - Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes #10.  Mascara - Eyeko Mascara.  Bronzer - NARS Casino.  Lipstick - MAC Thrills.

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Review: Scent Genie*

Say good-bye to broken glass, over-priced rollerballs, and perfume minis, as well as perfume bottles taking up so much space when you travel.

The product is genius. Best of all, it is so compact yet durable.  Not to mention it is user-friendly, glass free, environment friendly, and aircraft approved.

How to Use:

...easy enough!

I have been keeping this in my purse for mornings when I forget to put on perfume or for afternoon touch-ups.  I will definitely be taking only this with me when I start traveling again.

It has its advantages of rollerballs, you can spray anywhere, and the scent seems a little stronger, too.  The main thing is its size, it is about 1/4 smaller than my roller ball.  Plus, It has a light mist (rather than a hard, concentrated spray. like most travel bottles.)

Again, it has a compact size. It can easily fit in a small makeup/travel bag, or a small evening clutch.  Think the size of a compact tampon or lipstick.

The Scent Genie comes in many different varieties:
-4mL All Aluminum, Rounded (50 Sprays) $11  (Only $9.35 with promotion code below!) - Pink, Black, Gold, and Silver (Red is currently out of stock.)
-5mL Clear Plastic Body and Aluminum Cap, Rounded (65 Sprays) $7  - Blue and Black
-5mL Clear Plastic Body and Aluminum Cap, Lip Gloss Shape (65 Sprays) $7  - Pink

Unfortunately, the Scent Genie will not hit stores until 2011.  The would definitely make great gifts or stocking stuffers, you can purchase it online (click here) PROMOTION COUPON CODE: Enter Code KM111510 at Checkout and receive 15% off! (At the moment, the code only seems to available on the single aluminum option.)

I realize a lot of traffic comes to this post searching for reviews, promotional codes, and where to buy.  The code above is no longer working, I contacted the company a few days ago and no reply.  You can purchase the clear/plastic one online.  There's a pink aluminum one now at Sephora.  I have seen a similar product (different brand) at most drugstores.  You can also enter my current giveaway (sidebar) to win a Black aluminum Scent Genie among other prizes (ends February 9.)

For anyone on-the-go/travelers or just perfume lovers, this is a must have!

Disclaimer: The Scent Genies were sent to me for free; all opinions are my own and completely honest.

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LUSH Haul & BB Seaweed Review*

First off, let me inform you all, LUSH Holiday Collection 2010 is here.  LUSH put the items up for sale on October 1 (on the website.)  I am not positive when the line hits stores.  I did my online shopping, got to check out and realized 80% of the items had an M (for may melt) beside them, so I decided to wait until I can safely purchase the items at the store!

My LUSH stash was running low, in the mean time I picked up all of these... This looks pretty massive, but technically I didn't spend too much.  I share a bathroom with my sisters, so they often get their hands on all of this too.  A few Saturdays ago LUSH was having a promotion party to come see all of the "new" bath bombs. (The 4 that were released in the UK midsummer, obviously they're not new after I've been admiring them through UK blogs.)  If you RSVP'ed you received a Free Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb, and with a purchase of $35 or more, you also got a free Sex Bomb Bath Bomb. Plus, I had 5 empty pots, so I got to pick up a free face mask too! I really racked up on the free stuff this trip to LUSH.

The Comforter Bubble Bar (2) - This and Christmas Eve ties for my favorite Bubble Bar, this is definitely my sisters too.  One will last anywhere between 4-8 baths.  We purchased two last Christmas and just now had to restock.
Flothy Gritter Bubble Bar - This is the only new one I have used and can actually review so far, I was always so turned off by this product... I thought it was just a glitter bomb, I would take a bath in it, then take a shower to get all the glitter off.  That is definitely not the case.
Keep it Fluffy Bath Bomb
Twilight Bath Bomb
Mrs. Whippy Bath Bomb

BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask
Fair Foot Trade Lotion Sample (2)
Sex Bomb Bath Bomb - One of my favorite LUSH items, I'm obsessed with the scent.  I have this just sitting in my room, for the time being
Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb

Review: BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask
I finally finished my cleansers and had enough empty pots.  (If you bring back 5 empty containers to LUSH, you get a free fresh face mask.) I did not know which mask I wanted, they're not online so I wasn't even positive what all was offered.  Right before I headed to LUSH, I read some reviews on and BB Seaweed seemed to be the favorite, so I went with that.  I used Aquamarina Cleanser before and liked it, so I figured it may be somewhat similar with Seaweed being a key ingredient in both.

I put the mask on, waited about 15 minutes, and it dried almost completely clear, there were huge chunks of seaweed that I had to scrub off.  After finally getting the mask off my skin felt more aggravated from the seaweed than soothed and relaxed.

I have normal skin, a pimple here and there about once a month.  The morning after using this mask I had quite a few pimples.  I'm not sure if my skin was too aggravated or the mask is pulling all the imperfections out.  I still have a few blemishes now.

Overall, I'm not impressed with this one.  What mask do you recommend? 

At least my sister enjoyed it!

My local LUSH store has a Facebook, I entered a contest on the discussion, and actually won!  I received the 4 "new" bath bombs, 2 of these I purchased a week before.  I wanted to try out the other two, but I did not love the smell enough.

(even more)
Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb
Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
Mrs. Whippy Bath Bomb
Twilight Bath Bomb

I cut all of these (except for Mrs. whippy) open because they're pretty big and could make two baths.  I didn't realize all of these were like a two-in-one deal, they all have another bath bomb color and scent both inside of them.  Twilight has the best and strongest smell.  Fizzbanger smells like Pez candy.  The other two are just okay.  Dragon's Egg had a gold treasure chest inside of it. too cute! hah.

Thanks, LUSH Oak Court!

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Top 9 LUSH Products / Bubble Bar Tips

I really like LUSH. It is either a hit of miss for most people. Some stuff is overpriced, I'll admit. No bath is worth dropping an $11 item into. But I usually divide everything possible into 2-4 uses, just so I feel like I got my money worth. I discovered LUSH in November and have been into trying new things ever since. I've been coming across a lot of 'what should I purchase from LUSH' blogs lately. So I thought I'd tell you about my favorite products so maybe you'll want to pick some of these up next time you go.

Most people's favorites are yummy yummy yummy, rockstar soap, and honey I washed the kids soap. I don't care much for food scents. So I've never tried these just because I wasn't attracted to the smell. Most LOVE these, so I wanted to mention them.

Overall, if you're new to LUSH, I'd say pick up a few bubble bars first, those are what impresses me the most, and you can get plenty of uses out of them. I'll never go back to Mr. Bubbles or any type of liquid bubble bath again. :)

Haul & Review: MAC To the Beach Collection

This is the only MAC collection (since Feb) that has really appealed to me. So I'm probably going overboard, I've still been keeping my work hours up, and haven't really been purchasing any other make-up lately. I want almost everything from the collection! The new July Collection, In the Grove, click here, doesn't really appeal to me at all. The only thing that looks decent to me is the is the petticoat skin finish and creme d' nude (I already own it.) So, I guess I'll just go crazy on this collection, and probably the villain one (have any images been released? it just sounds cool. hah.)

I'm not going to talk about the packaging, you all know about it by now.

I already did a review on Cream Bronzer: Beach Bronze and Easy Lounger Lipglass, because I picked those up at a counter, (click here.)

Now on to the items I ordered online, both eyeliners, thrills lipstick, and Sweet & Punchy.

Swatches: Humid (already owned it), Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow, Float on By Eyeliner, Rosemary & Thyme Eyeliner, Thrills Lipstick.

Thrills was more red and bright than I thought it would be. I like it, I'm going to have to go through a box of white strips before I can pull this off. hah.

I love humid, I've had it since February. I'd usually just pair it with a tan/neutral shade.

I love sweet & punchy as well, it's just a fun color, I'm not sure if I'd use this as an everyday look.

I love the color of the eyeliners. I've never tried MAC's pencil eye kohl's before. They're kind of hard to work with, I couldn't draw a straight line for some reason. hah. It kept getting bigger and messier. It has pretty good staying power, yet it just smears, like for the messy beach look, they'll do.

Overall, I'm pleased with my purchases and say the long wait was worth it.

I know I definitely will get the highlight powder (my counter has it in stock, i should probably just get it now) and the Shimmermoss eyeshadow (in pan form to save me from depotting.) 

Does the July collection look appealing to you?
What's your favorite MAC to the beach item?


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Review: MAC: Easy Lounger & Beach Bronze

Today was the official launch date for MAC's To the Beach collection. I placed an order a few days ago online. But three things I wanted were out of stock already. (Everything but Marine Life was available last night. I don't know about now.)

I went to my MAC counter today, just to pick up Easy Lounger Lip Glass and look at Marine Life in person. My MAC counter still had everything in stock, I didn't ask how long they had been selling, or if anything was close to be gone.

I heard many complaints about how the packaging looks so cheap and tacky. I love it. That green is one of my favorite colors. The orange is okay. I've only been into MAC makeup since February. None of the collections since appealed to me, so I'm getting kind of sick of all my Black packaged make up. I love the details, it is attached, not a sticker, (were other collections stickers?) just because it's beach related.

The first time I ran across the collection online, I KNEW I wanted the Marine Life high light powder. I would've ordered it online a few days ago if it wasn't out of stock. I swatched it at the counter, it was a gold peachy-coralish blush. Not a high light powder. I wasn't sure what I what use it for, a blush, obviously, but I didn't really find it too useful. I may pick it up later on in time just because it's so pretty. But I don't understand why it's a highlight powder.

So I ended up with a Cream Bronzer instead, Beach Bronze. Weekend may have better suited my tan skin tone, but I just didn't like the orange tint to it. I had no intentions of getting any of the bronzers or blushes.

I've never tried a cream bronzer, or even a cream blush. So i'm not sure how it really compares. Other reviews say the consistency is better than MAC's cream blushes. It really does blend easy. It's very light weight and satin feeling. Staying power was pretty good. I didn't notice I need to reapply until about 7 hours later. (I just used my fingers, bad, I know. What brush are you supposed to use with this?)

I know I compare everything to my Mineralized Skin Finish (MSF), but I can't help it. It apparently all starts to look the same. hah. Plus I use MSF as my foundation, so when the colors are the same, I'm afraid it won't show up.

In the container, they do kind of look similar (more so in person than the camera, flash made a difference.)

But in swatches and application, the bronzer is darker, not by much, I did kind of layer it on to get the color I wanted. It doesn't have much shimmer in it at all, which is good, I don't want a shimmery face, that screams "I have bronzer all over me!"

Overall, I'd say get this product. It look better if you have a fair-light medium skin tone. It's great for on the go. Easy, fast application. Good staying power. It could probably even double as an eyeshadow. Great for throwing in your purse, you won't have to worry about it breaking.

Easy Lounger, all of the lip products I'd love to try except for fun bathing (i think? the darkest plum lipstick.. ick.) I wanted Easy Lounger first, yet it was sold out online when I placed my order.

So I didn't even really look at it at the store, I just told the lady I wanted it and she threw it my back. When I got home I realized it really reminds me of Love Nectar.

Easy Lounger has a bit more sparkles and Love Nectar is more peach-ish. They're different, but they really remind me of each other. Easy Lounger is the color of my lips, so no color at all. It feels stickier for some reason to me? Idk. Maybe I'm weird? hah. I'll probably just use this for toning down dark colors.

Overall, I'd say skip this and go for one of the other two shades. Especially if you own Love Nectar.


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Review: Goody Spin Pins

I see the commercial a couple times a day, if you haven't seen it, watch it here. I knew I wanted to try these out. I checked my local Wal*Mart a few times, and never saw them. I kind of forgot about them until I watched Emily's Review, I knew I wanted them again. I almost ordered the set from Goody online, but I didn't know much shipping would be, plus I only really wanted the spin pins.

I love most Goody hair products, so I doubted they could let me down with this.

The idea is to create a bun with no elastics, no bobby pins. In fact, it is supposed to do the work of 2o bobby pins. I'm not sure if that is 20 per spin pin, or 10 per spin pin?

Have you ever tried to put your hair in a bun with only bobby pins? I did one day, I stopped when I had about 30 bobby pins in my hair and it went no where. Even when I told my hair dresser I wanted a bun for a dance, she put half of my hair in an elastic and then pinned the rest because she knew it was likely impossible.

(^Click the picture to enlarge. Top middle picture from Google, the rest of them are my own.)

I went to the mall and ran in the Wal*Greens across the street, I got the last package of them, they were blonde color, and the box was pretty beat up, but I was tired of searching and got them.

My long, thick, hair, I was a little worried if it would really do the job. I followed the directions (spin one in from the top, one in from the bottom, counter-clockwise), got them in. It was a super messy bun, it fell down within 20 minutes. I was disappointed. Suddenly I realized maybe I just need more. The work of only 20 bobby pins is not enough for me!

The next day I went my local Wal*Mart, again, I picked up the last box, this time in the Brunette color. They also had the Modern up-do one, I may go back for it later. I haven't done any research on it yet.

The length is almost similar to a bobby pin, much wider though. And I wanted to compare the colors for you.

Next picture I wanted to show you my long thick, hair. If these can work for me, I highly believe they can work for anyone. (In case anyone was wondering.. that's my natural hair, nothing done to it. Only a little bit of So Sexy Wave Enhancing Spray, but I don't feel as if it enhances anything, I just use it for the smell.)

The messy bun is only two spin pins, only two of them just couldn't grab all of my hair. It fell out completely within twenty minutes.

Bottom left picture is 4 spin pins, obviously a much tighter bun. It lasted two hours, then I took them out, I'm sure it could've lasted longer. I put the spin pins in from top, bottom, and each side. There's so much warning about "do not interlock them!" I did on accident, it made my bun tighter, they still spun right out and didn't get caught.

The bottom right picture is when I got my hair done for a formal. My hair dresser put half my hair in an elastic, then put it in about 30-40 bobby pins, I went home, my hair was already started to fall out (an hour before the dance) so I shoved in another 10-20 bobby pins.) where were these spin pins months ago?!?

You can put a bun all over your head with these. This morning I went for a side, low bun. Again, 4 Spin Pins.

They spin out of your hair just as easy as you got them in.

I wish Goody would've made these exact ones, and then a thick and long hair one.. make the pins a little longer and wider so they could collect more hair. If you have super thin and short hair, you can probably get away with just using one of these.

This summer on the boat and by the pool, I'll probably just stick to elastics. These are more of a work place or night out hair tool.

Overall, I like the idea of them. It's not one of those products I think you should run out and get this moment. Elastics will do they job just fine and are much cheaper. (Oh at drugstores, Spin Pins (pack of 2) run around $6.) I read a review that this allowed someone to sleep in an extra 20 minutes? It still takes some time to get them in, not near as much as bobby pins would. Elastics are still a faster solution.

I like the product, I don't love it. It kind of annoys me I paid $12 since I have so much hair just to make my bun stay more than 30 minutes. I guess not everyone has long thick hair. I've only seen and read good reviews. They do what they claim to. If you only need one package, $6 is worth it.

Have any of you tried the Spin Pins?
What about the Modern Up-do?

June 2013 Edit
I recently found these at the Dollar Tree for just $1! Check your local dollar store, if you never got around to trying these because of the price.

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