LUSH Haul & BB Seaweed Review*

First off, let me inform you all, LUSH Holiday Collection 2010 is here.  LUSH put the items up for sale on October 1 (on the website.)  I am not positive when the line hits stores.  I did my online shopping, got to check out and realized 80% of the items had an M (for may melt) beside them, so I decided to wait until I can safely purchase the items at the store!

My LUSH stash was running low, in the mean time I picked up all of these... This looks pretty massive, but technically I didn't spend too much.  I share a bathroom with my sisters, so they often get their hands on all of this too.  A few Saturdays ago LUSH was having a promotion party to come see all of the "new" bath bombs. (The 4 that were released in the UK midsummer, obviously they're not new after I've been admiring them through UK blogs.)  If you RSVP'ed you received a Free Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb, and with a purchase of $35 or more, you also got a free Sex Bomb Bath Bomb. Plus, I had 5 empty pots, so I got to pick up a free face mask too! I really racked up on the free stuff this trip to LUSH.

The Comforter Bubble Bar (2) - This and Christmas Eve ties for my favorite Bubble Bar, this is definitely my sisters too.  One will last anywhere between 4-8 baths.  We purchased two last Christmas and just now had to restock.
Flothy Gritter Bubble Bar - This is the only new one I have used and can actually review so far, I was always so turned off by this product... I thought it was just a glitter bomb, I would take a bath in it, then take a shower to get all the glitter off.  That is definitely not the case.
Keep it Fluffy Bath Bomb
Twilight Bath Bomb
Mrs. Whippy Bath Bomb

BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask
Fair Foot Trade Lotion Sample (2)
Sex Bomb Bath Bomb - One of my favorite LUSH items, I'm obsessed with the scent.  I have this just sitting in my room, for the time being
Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb

Review: BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask
I finally finished my cleansers and had enough empty pots.  (If you bring back 5 empty containers to LUSH, you get a free fresh face mask.) I did not know which mask I wanted, they're not online so I wasn't even positive what all was offered.  Right before I headed to LUSH, I read some reviews on and BB Seaweed seemed to be the favorite, so I went with that.  I used Aquamarina Cleanser before and liked it, so I figured it may be somewhat similar with Seaweed being a key ingredient in both.

I put the mask on, waited about 15 minutes, and it dried almost completely clear, there were huge chunks of seaweed that I had to scrub off.  After finally getting the mask off my skin felt more aggravated from the seaweed than soothed and relaxed.

I have normal skin, a pimple here and there about once a month.  The morning after using this mask I had quite a few pimples.  I'm not sure if my skin was too aggravated or the mask is pulling all the imperfections out.  I still have a few blemishes now.

Overall, I'm not impressed with this one.  What mask do you recommend? 

At least my sister enjoyed it!

My local LUSH store has a Facebook, I entered a contest on the discussion, and actually won!  I received the 4 "new" bath bombs, 2 of these I purchased a week before.  I wanted to try out the other two, but I did not love the smell enough.

(even more)
Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb
Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
Mrs. Whippy Bath Bomb
Twilight Bath Bomb

I cut all of these (except for Mrs. whippy) open because they're pretty big and could make two baths.  I didn't realize all of these were like a two-in-one deal, they all have another bath bomb color and scent both inside of them.  Twilight has the best and strongest smell.  Fizzbanger smells like Pez candy.  The other two are just okay.  Dragon's Egg had a gold treasure chest inside of it. too cute! hah.

Thanks, LUSH Oak Court!

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