Review: Scent Genie*

Say good-bye to broken glass, over-priced rollerballs, and perfume minis, as well as perfume bottles taking up so much space when you travel.

The product is genius. Best of all, it is so compact yet durable.  Not to mention it is user-friendly, glass free, environment friendly, and aircraft approved.

How to Use:

...easy enough!

I have been keeping this in my purse for mornings when I forget to put on perfume or for afternoon touch-ups.  I will definitely be taking only this with me when I start traveling again.

It has its advantages of rollerballs, you can spray anywhere, and the scent seems a little stronger, too.  The main thing is its size, it is about 1/4 smaller than my roller ball.  Plus, It has a light mist (rather than a hard, concentrated spray. like most travel bottles.)

Again, it has a compact size. It can easily fit in a small makeup/travel bag, or a small evening clutch.  Think the size of a compact tampon or lipstick.

The Scent Genie comes in many different varieties:
-4mL All Aluminum, Rounded (50 Sprays) $11  (Only $9.35 with promotion code below!) - Pink, Black, Gold, and Silver (Red is currently out of stock.)
-5mL Clear Plastic Body and Aluminum Cap, Rounded (65 Sprays) $7  - Blue and Black
-5mL Clear Plastic Body and Aluminum Cap, Lip Gloss Shape (65 Sprays) $7  - Pink

Unfortunately, the Scent Genie will not hit stores until 2011.  The would definitely make great gifts or stocking stuffers, you can purchase it online (click here) PROMOTION COUPON CODE: Enter Code KM111510 at Checkout and receive 15% off! (At the moment, the code only seems to available on the single aluminum option.)

I realize a lot of traffic comes to this post searching for reviews, promotional codes, and where to buy.  The code above is no longer working, I contacted the company a few days ago and no reply.  You can purchase the clear/plastic one online.  There's a pink aluminum one now at Sephora.  I have seen a similar product (different brand) at most drugstores.  You can also enter my current giveaway (sidebar) to win a Black aluminum Scent Genie among other prizes (ends February 9.)

For anyone on-the-go/travelers or just perfume lovers, this is a must have!

Disclaimer: The Scent Genies were sent to me for free; all opinions are my own and completely honest.

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