Review: MAC Club

MAC Club Eyeshadow has been on my wishlist for awhile now.  Santa left it in my stocking!  I've read reviews and saw tutorials, I knew it was a duo-chrome shade.  But I had no clue there were so many shades to one eyeshadow. I always reach for Silver Ring, I wanted another silver to choose from.

In the pan, it looks like a silver-ish green.  I just put it in my palette, I never swatched it or really tested out the color.  This morning, I put it on with no base (only primer), it went on my lid as a light reddish-brown.  I double checked to make sure I grabbed the right eyeshadow. I already had a little bit of Carbon eyeshadow on, I hate brown and black together but I was too lazy to take off my eyeshadow and start over.

I did more homework on the eyeshadow and it depends all on what color base you use.  The picture below proves that. Most people prefer a green base, I do too.

After about 5 hours of wear, the red-brown shade turned to more of a gray color (closer to the pan shade.)

Overall, I don't love it, I don't hate it.  If you like a versatile color and using different bases to achieve a look, then this is for you.  For neutral lovers and everyday wear, it isn't one of those colors you can just throw on and expect it to look just like it does in the pan.

FOTD: Eyeshadow - MAC Club, Carbon, & Shroom.  Eyeliner - Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes #10.  Mascara - Eyeko Mascara.  Bronzer - NARS Casino.  Lipstick - MAC Thrills.

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