Review: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

I saw these in a magazine ad a few months ago. I thought stick-on nail polish sounded really cool, plus an easy, fast application, mess-free and smell-free. -- wrong.

I picked a box up at Wal*Mart a few weeks ago. I was a little annoyed and shocked at the price - $8.50 My immediate thought was that's a bottle of OPI that will last forever. (Other bloggers have stated they paid as high as $13.) This was just one manicure. Being curious, I still purchased one.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Frock Star

I followed all instructions but the application process was still annoying - I have long, skinny nails. I used 3/4 (length) of each sticker.  But I still had to cut and file down the sides because it completely flooded my nails. - On some nails, it ended up chipping (one ripped) immediately from so much tugging and filing for the perfect fit. Then by that time, the sticker was barely sticky - I ended up using some brush-on nail glue beneath the polish on a few nails to make it stay. - Overall, not worth the time and effort and still looked somewhat chipped. - Only my thumbnail actually looked decent, the sticker was smaller than my nail, so it stretched and fit properly (how instructions say it should.)

I thought this would be easy, fast, nail art. (With skinny nails, wrong, it takes too much effort for the perfect fit.) and great for people who travel or people in the office space - no smell, no mess. again, wrong.  The smell was almost as bad as an original nail polish bottle itself. Plus, it made a mess (paper wise) each sticker has 5 parts - tip, top cover, bottom cover, and the actual sticker itself,  and then the excess polish after you fit it properly. (See below for the mess.)

"Last up to 10 days."  Was another reason why I purchased these.  Most nail polishes only have a flawless look for three days, I thought with an actual sticker there may be hope -  10 days? no way... It already chipped immediately after application.  On the third day of wear, two nails completely peeled off. - Since there was no way to fix those two nails, I just easily peeled the remaining 8 nails off.

I really liked the idea of these, but for skinny nails, it's just not practical. It's not cost effective either. One manicure and then 6 leftover strips, the biggest nail sticker was the size of my toenail. - I would recommend these to people with shorter, wider nails (cut the strips in half and you could have two manicures, plus it will stretch properly and hopefully make a perfect fit.

-no drying time
-glitter was completely smooth (not the flaky kind you get in bottles.)

-too much effort for a perfect fit
-too much chipping and ripping.
-made for larger, wider nails
-messy (paper)
 -last only 3 days

Overall: Stick to nail polish bottles...

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