Maximize your MAC Palette

I've seen a few blogs and YouTube tutorials on this.  My first thought was I'd never "ruin" my palettes (pop out the insert) because I feared my eyeshadows would not stick and break.  But when I realized I was about to have to purchase a third palette, it was time to do something.  With this method, your palette will hold 26 eyeshadows, almost double the original 15.

First, empty out your palette. You will pop off the plastic insert by wedging a butter knife between the 6 clips. (Marked below.) It should easily pop off.  Then you will have to glue the magnetic insert at the bottom down. (It's not attached.) Keep the 15 plastic insert, you can easily clip it back in if you change your mind.

Next, arrange your eyeshadows however you want them.  For the maximum 26, use the guideline below.  Remember, you're not only limited to MAC eyeshadows you can now put any size pan with a magnet into this palette. 

Optional - you can put the names in the case.  This is especially great if you do tutorials often.  No more picking up the pan and occasionally chipping it to see the name on the bottom.  Some people just use labels.  I think the picture method looks a lot neater.  How to: take a picture of your eyeshadows.  Upload it to your computer and open it with any photo editor (Paint, Photoshop, even Word.) Resize the picture to 7.25"x4.75" (it can be a little smaller, just don't exceed this measurement or your palette won't close properly.) Use the text box feature to add the name over each eyeshadow. (My original template is above, click to enlarge.) Print, cut out, then attach it to your palette... I used photo splits to attach mine; double-sided tape would work too, you could even glue it if you know you won't rearrange your eyeshadows.

Before (July 2010 click here) original 15 eye shadows to After (now) 26 eye shadows.

I really do like having more eyeshadows in the same palette.

-It saves time because I'm not switching back in forth between multiple palettes.
-Before the eyeshadows were just spaced too far apart.
-The powder usually made a mess getting all over the black insert making the palette look completely messy.
-Save Money (you can almost fit double the eyeshadows into one palette, saving $15), buying pans is also cheaper. Click here for a price comparison.

-Not travel-friendly.  The pans just don't feel secure to travel often.  You should probably pick up a few MAC quads, or even better, a Unii Palette (click here.)

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