Review: Urban Decay NAKED

 "Everybody wants to look good NAKED!"

Review: Urban Decay NAKED Palette
With endless blog and youtube reviews out already, this one may seem insignificant. But this review is specifically for the people who decided they would "pass" on the palette. Those that thought "I have too many neutral eyeshadows" or those that just couldn't justify spending $48.00 on some eyeshadow. - I was one of these people. Plus, with the palette being so rare (limited edition/high demand) I couldn't get my hands on it anyway.

The palette came out in fall 2010, and for the first months it was going for twice it's value on eBay and multiple other cosmetic swap/sale sites. Finally, Urban Decay started producing the palettes faster by replacing the double-ended eyeliner pencil with a brush, but that made a price increase from $46.00 to $48.00 - some weren't happy, but at least Urban Decay was able to supply more.

I did want the palette but even after endless good reviews, I still didn't know if it would be worth it. About a month ago, when I was picking up some shampoo- there it was, one Urban Decay Naked palette remaining. I considered it fate, caved in, and purchased it.

Do I regret it? No. It's the best "I'm not going to spend that much money on that" but then I bought it anyway purchase I've ever made. I've had it for a month and have used it every day. For the rest of you that are cheap (but most likely will splurge on high-end cosmetics - ME!) let me help you justify the cost:

Good Karma Eyeshadow Brush retails for $26.00
Travel Primer Potion retails for $9.00
Then there's 12 x .05oz eye-shadows - (one full size .05oz retails for $17.00) - 12 x $17.00 - $204.00
$239.00 worth of product for $48.00 (about 80% savings) Plus, it's all in one sleek mirrored palette.

I had no problem spending $11.00-$14.50 on an occasional MAC eyeshadow. With MAC, you get the same amount of product - .05oz. With the naked palette, (putting the primer and brush aside) $48.00/12 = the eyeshadows end up being $4.00 each. MAC, the same amount of product for $11.00 (pan) or $14.50 (limited edition/pot.) So, which is the better deal again?

Virgin - pale shimmer nude
Sin - champagne frost
Naked - matte beige
Sidecar - shimmer medium bronze
Buck - matte brown
Half Baked - copper frost
Smog - dark bronze
Darkhorse - deep chocolate
Toasted - shimmer dark brown
Hustle - shimmer dark plum-brown
Creep - blue-black shimmer
Gunmetal - blue-gray metallic

I love it. There are a few things I do dislike (cons below) but the good wins over the bad. All of the neutral colors are gorgeous - highly pigmented, great staying power, not chalky, no fallout. I love the palette so much I immediately swapped/sold most of MAC eyeshadows (and by most I mean nearly all - I went from 30 to 8.) I've used it for a month and there's really no sign of use - no surface dents/dips or anything, I feel it will last for awhile!

Every day I use both Virgin & Sin all over the lid and as a highlight, Sidecar on the outer third lid, and Darkhorse in the crease. I often use Buck as an eyebrow filler.

Creep and Gunmetal were a big disappointment to me. I'm a big fan of a smokey eye - with no hints of blue. These 2 together nearly look like you've smeared on blue eyeshadow.

Creep really should have been a true matte black for eyeliner, especially since the newer version of the palette doesn't come with any.

The brush was another disappointment. It's decent at packing on all-over lid color on. But I feel like this is more of a concealer brush. It's nearly identically to MAC 195. - I much would've rather had the double-ended eyeliner, but then I still probably wouldn't have this palette due to slow production...

Product: 4.5/5
Value: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 4.8/5

The Main Point: If you don't already have it, BUY IT. This palette needs to be in everyone's makeup collection.

Naked forever,

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