Review: Organix Moroccan Argan Oil

Mention damaged hair and most will recommend Argan Oil in some form.  Argan oil is a vitamin-packed antioxidant from Morocco. As a hair treatment, it penetrates to soften, strengthen, restore shine, increases elasticity, and protects against UV damage.

Argan oil has mainly been found in high-end products and is rather pricey.  Organix has offered a cheaper alternative.  Each product from the line is $7.99 and can be found at any drugstore.

I've had this review half-written for ages, I just couldn't decide if I loved this line or they were just like all any other drugstore product. I finally came to the conclusion they're just so-so.

I bought them one by one (usually with an Ulta coupon.) In the order I purchased: conditioner, oil, mask, then shampoo. I purchased the conditioner back in March (previous favorites post) and the remainder of the products a few weeks after each one. So all together, I've been using the line for a few months. I don't like reviewing a product until I've used it for at least two weeks.

About a year ago, I tried the Organix coconut conditioner (just because my mom/sister picked it up and it was in my shower.) So I knew nearly nothing about the brand - but Argan oil for $8, a reminder of my childhood (a L'Oreal fish-shaped bottle), and the fabulous smell drew me in. At first, I loved the products - the smell was amazing, my hair looked and felt great - but could this be what I like to call the new product syndrome?

I do switch up hair products like you're supposed to. I've been using these on and off for a few months. I did use all four products together.  As all lines promise, "this works best with the remainder of our products from the line."

Conditioner • I feel like it's an above average drugstore conditioner but still doesn't compare to Joico K-Pak. It doesn't leave the silky feeling that I love after rinsing out conditioner. The scent lingers for a little awhile, not as long as I'd like for it to.

Renewing Treatment • (Mask) I haven't tried any other drugstore hair masks to compare it to.  The instructions say to leave it on for 3-5 minutes, which I feel like nothing can be done within that short of time and my thick hair. I'd leave it in for 10-15, (sometimes even longer but then it would just harden. In my opinion, I found it actually works a little better on wet hair.  My hair was softer and the ends weren't as fried.  But when it came to completely damaged hair, (freshly bleached) it didn't help at all. If your hair is normal and you just want a boost, this is the product for you. • I dislike the jar packaging, it's an extremely thick consistency but I'm sure it could've still worked in a squeeze tube (as all my high-end masks do.) It's just a hassle to screw the lid on and off, keep it out of the water and hold on the lid (especially if you use this in the shower.) I'll usually find product stuck under my nails as well... gross.

Shampoo • It's just your basic drugstore shampoo. (I still haven't found a shampoo I just adore.) It's sulfate free, so sometimes I didn't really feel like I completely got the clean feeling. The scent is great (the products all smell the same) but it didn't linger.

Penetrating Oil • (Serum) This is the only product I still use daily.It tones down the frizz, adds some shine, hydrates, and smells great. This is the only product that the scent actually lingers for awhile. • Again, I dislike the packaging. The flip-top when you need to hold the bottle at an angle/upside down to get a messy oil-serum out isn't convenient.  Maybe I'm messy or just in a hurry when I get ready but a pump would've made my life so much easier. - I did use the higher-end brand, Moroccanoil Oil Treatment a tiny bottle (1oz, if that) for double the cost. I purchased the original formula (should've gotten the light) and it made my hair a little oily. Yet Organix hasn't caused any oiliness, which made me wonder about the ingredients....

The Ingredients
How could Organix sell Argan oil at just a fraction of the cost? Take a look at the ingredients.  The comparison between Organix (Drugstore) vs. Moroccanoil (High End) can be found here. Argania Spinoza Oil is pretty far down on the list for Organix. Nearly last on the Penetrating Oil ingredients.

Are they dupes? Highly doubt it. (I haven't tried all of the Moroccanoil products, judging by ingredients and cost - it's not likely.) The Organix line is a step above drugstore lines with their ideas and ingredients. But I still think $8 for drugstore shampoo that doesn't continue to produce amazing results after the first few uses is a little pricey.

The Penetrating Oil may be worth looking into if your hair needs a boost, this is on sale, and you can't find or decide on any other product.

Value Tips: Bed Bath & Beyond has mini bottles (travel size) for $1.99. Ulta has BOGO on Organix as well as 20% coupons, Rite Aid and CVS offer Extra Bucks, Target has 50% more free on the shampoo and conditioner (massive bottle for the same cost), my mom said she picked up some of the conditioner at Walmart a month ago for $2.

Product: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Packaging: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this line to a friend.

fish-shaped shampoo bottles,

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