Review: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Foxy - pale yellowed beige matte
Half Baked - coppery brown with golden shimmer metallic
Booty Call - peach-tinted white beige satin
Chopper - orange-toned with copper shimmer metallic
Tease - mauve brown matte
Snakebite - bronze with golden shimmer satin
Suspect - soft champagne-bronze satin
Pistol - taupe with a lot of brown satin
Verve - white-gray metallic
YDK - warm coppery brown metallic
Busted - burgundy deep brown satin
Blackout - deep black matte

Naked - sheer neutral pink with white shimmer.

It's a fabulous value, if you bought everything separately (12 shadows, the lip gloss, the brush) you would pay $234.  They put it all in one sleek palette for $50.

-Packaging - Sleek packaging in a metal tin that shuts really well.  It's a little heavier than the original but feels more durable and travel-friendly.
-All eyeshadow have good color payoff, easy to work with.
-Matte highlight and black (can be used as eyeliner!)
- A large usable mirror.  Palettes and face products usually always come with those tiny impossible to see anything mirrors, but this one might actually get some use!

-Lack of dark colors - not that many dark colors to work with. Only two good crease colors.
-Too many similar colors to the original palette.
-Dual-ended brush - (This is probably just me being weird and picky) I keep my brushes in brush holder - how am I supposed to store a dual ended one? One side will be messed up.  I don't like keeping brushes in the palette, they usually aways fall out when you open it.
-Lip gloss - I don't understand why a lip gloss was placed in this EYE palette? Another primer potion would've made more sense.

Let's compare Naked (the original) to Naked 2.

There's really no need to purchase both palettes. If you're an obsessed beauty junkie, of course, you'll want both but the everyday normal person can definitely just get away with one.

-Half Baked is in both palettes.
-Booty Call (2) and Virgin (1) are nearly the same color.
-Suspect (2) and Smog (1) are nearly the same color.
-YDK (2) and Sidecar (1) are nearly the same color.
-Busted (2) and Hustle (1) are nearly the same color.

A few others are similar. Only 5 shades (out of 12) aren't similar at all to any in the first palette.  I'm a little disappointed with Urban Decay for producing such similar colors and even including one of the exact same.

The only two things I really couldn't stand about Naked the original were:
1.) The "black" color was really a glitter almost black/navy mess. I needed a true black to go over eyeliner or deepen the crease for night time looks.  I always had my Naked palette along with MAC Carbon Eyeshadow.

2.) The felt packaging always collected dirt.

Both of these 2 flaws were fixed in the Naked 2 palette. A deep dark black eyeshadow and a sleek metal tin as packaging.

So which one do I buy?
It took me a year to finally just give in and purchase Naked. I've used it every day since and have gotten rid of almost all of my neutral MAC eyeshadows (minus Carbon.)  Only a few colors are starting to have a dent in them.  It only took me a month to purchase Naked 2 this time around.  I looked at swatches but I never really sat down and read multiple reviews saying you don't REALLY need both.

My ideal Naked palette would be to take all of the eyeshadows from the original and put it in Naked 2's sleek case.  Then switch out Creed (1) with Blackout (2) and switch Gunmetal (1) with Verve (2).

Both Naked and Naked 2 both have warm tones.  Naked 2 is the cooler toned palette but still may not suit all cool tones.  Naked can create more looks.  Naked 2 has a matte highlight and black (can be used for eyeliner or deepening.) Naked is more pigmented and shimmery.  Basically, the choice will depend on your preferences and skin tone...

Product: 4/5
Value: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5

Retail: $50.00
The Winner: Naked (the original)
Overall: I'd be more impressed with this palette if I didn't already own the original.  Don't get me wrong, I do like it and I've been alternating back and forth between the two palettes. They're pretty similar, but I understand it's hard to produce so many different shades of neutral.  The original Naked palette got a ridiculous amount of hype and Urban Decay played off that. $50 for 12 full-sized eyeshadows with great color payoff is a great value and worth looking into especially if you never purchased the original palette.
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

naked again,

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