July Favorites

"Favorites" posts/videos discuss the products (and other misc things) you loved for that month. The products can either be purchased that month or (old) "rediscovered" items. Favorites are published at the end of the current month or at the beginning of the following month."

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Foot Cream
I'm assuming this is because of the weather and I stay in heels the majority of the time, but lately, my feet are just in poor shape  Sometimes the skin on my feet just hurts... like the way badly chapped lips feel.  I have a few higher-priced foot creams that I loved but recently aren't working for me anymore.  I saw this at the drugstore for $5 and decided to give it a try.  I haven't seen a drastic improvement, but it is working.  It has seven penetrating moisturizers to heal dry, rough, and cracked heels.  It smells nice, kind of like Fruit Loops cereal. The best part is it isn't greasy. So I slather this on before bed and my satin sheets aren't harmed.

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
I've been an Urban Decay Potion Primer user for three years.  I tried one or two other eye primers but never ventured too far from Urban Decay.  Although the old Urban Decay wand tube packaging was completely wasteful and made no sense, I missed the wand applicator for mornings when I was in a hurry.  My love for NARS blushes and the wand packaging were the only reasons I purchased this.  Come to find out, I like it even better than Urban Decay.  It feels nicer, dries faster, and eye shadow still stays on all day long.  But unfortunately, compared to Urban Decay, it's less product with a higher price tag.

OPI Matte Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
My nails have always been pretty strong but occasionally, they peel.  I've been eying this product for awhile and finally decided to purchase it.  I've noticed such a difference, my nails are almost rock hard.

and a random favorite:
Conair Compact Fabric Steamer
I finally invested in a steamer.  When I say invested, I mean I spent the same cost of one dry cleaning bill. Half of my closet is hand wash only, which means wrinkles galore and most pieces can't be ironed.  I wear my silk shirts and other delicate fabrics much more often now.  I won't have to have items dry cleaned as frequently.  This steamer has also been useful for blankets, curtains, and even carpet cleaning. 

fruit loops & steamers,

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