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First Impressions/Review: Ikea Alex Drawers & Linnmon Table TopIn November, I had the chance to visit Ikea for the first time. I quickly knew it was time for a desk upgrade. I've been eyeing the Alex 9 Drawer unit for way too long. (And even fake checked-out online; I immediately X-ed out when I saw the shipping charges.) About a week before the trip, I had a change of heart and decided to get two of the Alex Drawer Units instead.

I knew I wanted the high-gloss Linnmon Table Top to avoid makeup stains and for easy-clean. I continuously debated if I want the 47.5 inch or 59 inch table top. (Even while in the store, it took me 30 minutes to decide.) I finally went with the 59 inch. Simply because it was a lot more desk/surface for only $11 more.

My old set up was a mix-match of old apartment furniture: Bed Bath & Beyond Z-Carts topped with half of a Wal-Mart parsons desk. It did the job but it wasn't sturdy, or all that pretty to look at. I didn't have foot space. Not to mention, all of my other shelves/furniture are white. (For the record, my old table top was around 30 inches.)

When we got home and set the new Ikea furniture up, I immediately thought it was way too big for me. I loved the look and drawer space, but I felt like I should've gotten the 47.5 inch top. I immediately purchased the ClosetMaid Stackable Storage Organizer to take up the back corner of my desk. (And give more storage space for bottles and other items I didn't want in drawers.)

Fast forward to weeks later, now - I'm really happy with the whole desk and the 59 inch top. 1.) I have foot space. 2.) I can hide my printer and trash can under the desk. 3.) The extra width of the table top allows room for cords behind the desk. 4.) I have so much work/surface space!

I'm incredibly happy with the drawers. My old drawers were deep and not very long. The Alex drawers are shallow and around 20 inches long. So much stuff can fit in these! In one unit, I have all of my makeup, samples, and hair accessories/tools. In the other, I have office and shipping supplies. I lined the bottom with shelf liner and used foam board to make drawer dividers. Getting the drawer dividers exactly how I want them is a work in progress. So far, I'm pretty happy with these two:

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I do feel a little guilty for spending nearly $250 on myself so close to Christmas, but I know I'll have this set up for years to come. I definitely recommended the Alex drawers and Linnmon top.

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