December Favorites

Favorites posts/videos discuss the products (and other misc things) you loved for that month. The products can either be purchased that month or (old) 'rediscovered' items. Favorites are published at the end of the current month or at the beginning of the following month.

hair tamer, colourpop, moroccanoil

ColourPop Smoke n Whistles Cheek Shock Highlighter
I've owned this for awhile but I recently started reaching for it more around the holidays. This highlighter is SO shimmery. It's beautiful but I feel like it's too much for everyday wear. I like wearing it for night outings and special occasions. The texture is really neat - a bouncy cream that dries to a shimmery powder. If you want an extra shimmery highlighter, this is for you!

Hair Tamers Alligator Clips
These are technically salon blow dry clips. They're not attractive but just ONE of these can hold all of my (ridiculously thick, long, layered) hair into a bun for hours! I'm really impressed with these! I've always had to avoid clips in the past because they fall out in five minutes. Luckily, these grippy/claw clips work!

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark Tones
I've raved about this three months in a row. I finally purchased the full-size. This formula works really well. I love that I don't have to worry about completely blending it in. Moroccanoil's signature scent is amazing!

shimmery cheeks and a hair clip,

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