April Favorites

dove spray, tarte shape tape, ghd serum

Dove Dry Spray Invisible Solid Antiperspirant in Clear Finish 
When I was a teenager, I remember trying a lot of spray-on deodorants. They never dried and I walked around the house with my arms in weird position. Sometimes, I even resorted to using a blow dryer on my armpits so I could put a shirt faster.

I eventually just gave up on deodorant sprays. Over the past months, I've seen a lot of commercials and beauty gurus raving about the new Dove Invisible Spray line. I finally decided to try it out in the month of April and I'm glad I did! This dries almost instantly and has yet to leave any residue on my clothing. I really like the scent. It works great for me - but I don't lead a super active lifestyle.

GHD Smooth & Finish Serum 
Something Navy raved about this serum quite a few times on her Instagram. We have completely different hair types, but I'm always impressed with her frizz-free hair. I'm really happy with this product. It smells great, tames most of my frizz, and adds just the right amount of shine. On the downside, I feel like it makes my curls fall faster if I use it as a finishing touch product.

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer in Light Sand 
I raved about this back in February. It's still very much a favorite and currently the only concealer I use. I'm still really impressed with this and can't believe how much product is in the packaging! The wand is huge, nearly twice the size of other wand packaging. So it makes sense it's lasting twice as long!

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