Haul & Review: MAC To the Beach Collection

This is the only MAC collection (since Feb) that has really appealed to me. So I'm probably going overboard, I've still been keeping my work hours up, and haven't really been purchasing any other make-up lately. I want almost everything from the collection! The new July Collection, In the Grove, click here, doesn't really appeal to me at all. The only thing that looks decent to me is the is the petticoat skin finish and creme d' nude (I already own it.) So, I guess I'll just go crazy on this collection, and probably the villain one (have any images been released? it just sounds cool. hah.)

I'm not going to talk about the packaging, you all know about it by now.

I already did a review on Cream Bronzer: Beach Bronze and Easy Lounger Lipglass, because I picked those up at a counter, (click here.)

Now on to the items I ordered online, both eyeliners, thrills lipstick, and Sweet & Punchy.

Swatches: Humid (already owned it), Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow, Float on By Eyeliner, Rosemary & Thyme Eyeliner, Thrills Lipstick.

Thrills was more red and bright than I thought it would be. I like it, I'm going to have to go through a box of white strips before I can pull this off. hah.

I love humid, I've had it since February. I'd usually just pair it with a tan/neutral shade.

I love sweet & punchy as well, it's just a fun color, I'm not sure if I'd use this as an everyday look.

I love the color of the eyeliners. I've never tried MAC's pencil eye kohl's before. They're kind of hard to work with, I couldn't draw a straight line for some reason. hah. It kept getting bigger and messier. It has pretty good staying power, yet it just smears, like for the messy beach look, they'll do.

Overall, I'm pleased with my purchases and say the long wait was worth it.

I know I definitely will get the highlight powder (my counter has it in stock, i should probably just get it now) and the Shimmermoss eyeshadow (in pan form to save me from depotting.) 

Does the July collection look appealing to you?
What's your favorite MAC to the beach item?


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