Top 9 LUSH Products / Bubble Bar Tips

I really like LUSH. It is either a hit of miss for most people. Some stuff is overpriced, I'll admit. No bath is worth dropping an $11 item into. But I usually divide everything possible into 2-4 uses, just so I feel like I got my money worth. I discovered LUSH in November and have been into trying new things ever since. I've been coming across a lot of 'what should I purchase from LUSH' blogs lately. So I thought I'd tell you about my favorite products so maybe you'll want to pick some of these up next time you go.

Most people's favorites are yummy yummy yummy, rockstar soap, and honey I washed the kids soap. I don't care much for food scents. So I've never tried these just because I wasn't attracted to the smell. Most LOVE these, so I wanted to mention them.

Overall, if you're new to LUSH, I'd say pick up a few bubble bars first, those are what impresses me the most, and you can get plenty of uses out of them. I'll never go back to Mr. Bubbles or any type of liquid bubble bath again. :)

1. Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

$6.45 - I usually break this in half for two uses, but if you want pink bath water and a strong fragrance, use the whole thing. I've tried plenty of bath bombs and this is the only one I LOVE and could actually smell and notice a bit of a tint to my bath water even if I just used half of it. This was one of my first purchases from LUSH. I've purchased 3 more for myself and a few more for friends. According to the online description, it's supposed to get you in the "mood"...

2. Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
$6.95 - Limited Edition - Holiday Season - This would be number one if it was available all year. It's infused with jasmine and other relaxing agents. The description was something about children taking a bath with this on Christmas eve for a good night's sleep to see Santa in the morning - hence the name and shape. hah. I purchased four of these. I still have two, hoping I can make it until next Christmas. hah. (I crumble bubble bars into a container and just use a cup full at a time -- picture at the bottom.) Just a cup full will give you huge bubbles and a fragrance that lingers on your skin. I really did feel relaxed after a bath using this too.

3.) Ocean Salt Cleanser

$19.95 (4.2 oz) / $34.95 (8.8 oz) - I got a sample of this the first time I went to LUSH, and LOVED IT. I went back just to purchase it. I love the way it smells and the way my skin felt afterward. I used it everyday for a week until I realized it was drying out my skin, (I have normal skin) it's an exfoliator, not a good idea for everyday use. hah. It's kind of messy (salt sticks in your hairline.) Solution - use it every 2-3 days in the shower. I'm almost out, I'll pick up a new one next time at LUSH. I've never tried any other cleansers to know how they compare, I can stop using this one.

4.) The Comforter Bubble Bar

$9.95 - Kind of pricey, yes, but I make it last 4-5 uses. My 6-year-old little sister loves this one too! I'm not a huge fan of the bubble-gum like smell (I hate food smells on anything other than food.) But it makes insanely huge bubbles.

5.) BIG Shampoo

$22.95 - I already have natural, thick, big hair. So I can't actually say this made my hair big, (most say it has, though!) I just love the salt, the way it foams, and how clean my hair feels after. I hated the smell at first, but now I love it. It just takes some getting used to. I wish they had conditioner! Some have complained of the stripping hair color, I never noticed.

6.) Love Soap

$3.95 - Limited Edition - Valentine's Day - Same exact smell as Sex Bomb Bath Bomb. The smell doesn't linger too long though. This is the only soap I've found I love.

7.) Karma Komba Shampoo Bar

$9.95 - I wanted to try a shampoo bar and this was the smell I liked the best. It's lasted forever! It's a nice lather. I love the smell. I feel like it tangles my hair, though. Then I use extra conditioner and trying to use 'vegan products' didn't work out after all.

8.) Mint Julips Lip Scrub

$8.95 - I have extremely dry, flakey lips. I lick my lips, put this on, let it sting for a few minutes, then wipe it off with a tissue or washcloth. (Some people lick their lips, but why eat your dry lip skin? ew.) It really does make my lips feel smooth and they won't flake for the rest of the day.

9.) Gorgeous Moisturizer

$89.95 - $90 for a lotion, INSANE, yes. I got a sample size of this in the 'Hello Gorgeous' gift box. I like it a lot, but don't LOVE it enough for $90. That's why it's last, but it was worth mentioning. Maybe ask for a sample next time you're at LUSH. It makes your skin feel great. I used it for about a month until I realized it was 1/4 full. Now I use it very rarely, savoring it. hah.

Bubble Bar Storage and Tips

To make my bubble bars last longer, I break them off into little containers. Before a bath, I'll fill a cup (these are little dixie disposable bathroom cups) up and crumble into my bath water. Do not get water into the container or you'll have to use the whole thing. depending on the size of the bubble bar; I get 2-5 uses out of each one.

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